This page details out the Auroral Electrojet interference in the VHF radio band. Data is being collected from five different sources that will be integrated here. All times shown are in UTC. The five sources are as follows:

  • OC –  This is the objective conditions reported by users of VHF systems or informational notes. This data is used to take special care in looking and listening to information at this timeframe. You can add an observed condition at the bottom of this page.

  • NF – This information is the data from the measured noise floor. This input is still being created.

  • MP – This is the MP3 files that had been recorded on the Radio Reference site and downloaded here for review.

  • AE – This is the minute by minute auroral electrojet measured values as supplied by Kyoto. The data recorded here is AU, AL, AE, and AO. This information is available here. More information on these values is available at this link.

  • AH – This is an hourly summary of the AE values from the real-time WDC Kyoto system. This is a very crude value that provides numbers when the AE value exceeds 500. This is a visual summary of the graphic representation presented by WDC Kyoto. This value is used to select some recordings to review.

Timeline of Events

Click on this link to see the detailed timeline information that has been collected so far.

Add an Observed Condition

Please enter any observations you may have regarding noise on the VHF bands. The date/time will be recorded, if this report is for a previous date/time, please make a note of this in your comments. You have 1900 characters that you may enter.
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